2.3 An Introduction to Pine Script Syntax and Structure

In this video, Paul introduces you to the syntax and structure of Pine Script. Covering fundamental concepts, he walks you through the importance of the version directive, explaining how it tells the compiler which version to use. With a focus on version 5, you’ll gain insight into essential elements to have a smooth scripting experience. Ensure you follow along with the provided script to make the most of this comprehensive Pine Script tutorial.

An Introduction to Pine Script Syntax and Structure


In this video, we’re diving into the essential aspects of Pine Script’s syntax and structure. 

Key Takeaways:

Throughout the video, we’ll cover key concepts that are crucial for understanding Pine Script. Follow along with the provided script to get a hands-on feel for each concept.

Version Directive:

Every script starts with a version directive. This line informs the compiler which version of Pine Script to use. While older versions like 4 or 3 might seem tempting, they lack the advanced features of version 5.

Why Choose Version 5:

Opting for version 5 is a smart move. It comes with a range of powerful features. Skipping the version directive defaults to version 1, potentially causing errors. Specifying version 5 ensures a smooth experience.


Understanding the version directive and embracing version 5 are key to success in Pine Script scripting. 

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