1.1 Who Am I?

This video is a personal journey and introduction by Paul, who shares his experiences in the world of trading. He discusses how he started following someone online, got into forex trading, encountered scams, learned from legitimate sources, and developed his own strategies. He emphasizes the importance of self-learning and testing, offering insights into his trading journey, programming skills, and plans for an educational tool. Paul aims to help viewers navigate the trading world while avoiding scams and making informed decisions.

Navigating Trading with Paul: A Personal Journey

Hey everyone, it’s Paul here. In this segment, I want to share my trading journey with you. I know some of you might skip this, but stick around if you’re interested in my story.

Back in 2015, fresh out of college with an engineering degree, I stumbled upon forex trading through an internet influencer. Intrigued, I followed his Lamborghini-filled posts and got lured into his course promising success. Unfortunately, he turned out to be a scammer.

Realizing the prevalence of scams in this industry, I decided to learn the ropes myself. I explored TradingView, learned from legitimate sources, and even taught others. The turning point was when I learned to trust my own analysis, not just follow others’ trades.

I quickly realized the importance of backtesting and forward testing. Making money too fast, I lost it all due to poor risk management. But, I didn’t give up. By 2017, I’d made a comeback and more.

My journey led me to travel the world, and I started creating educational content, like the one you’re watching now. I focused on Pine Script, combining trading with my programming skills. My goal? To help you avoid scams, learn programming, and become confident traders.

I’m not a guru or a fraud; I’m just a guy passionate about trading and teaching. My honesty sets me apart. My upcoming tool aims to provide you buy and sell signals, based on real historical performance.

Remember, trading isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s about psychology, learning, and discipline. I want to empower you to trust your own strategies and succeed in the complex world of trading.

Stay curious and eager to learn. Together, we’ll master Pine Script and navigate the trading landscape. Thanks for being part of this educational journey.

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