1.5 Hello World

In this video, Paul shows how to add a custom “Hello World” script to a TradingView chart. He explains the steps: copying the code, creating a new indicator, pasting the code, and adjusting its display. By the end, viewers can confidently add their own scripts to charts.


Follow these steps to add your own custom script to a TradingView chart:

1. Watch the video to understand the process.

2. Download and Copy the script code from the lesson materials section.

3. Open TradingView’s Pine Editor and create a new indicator.

4. Delete the default code in the Pine Editor.

5. Paste the copied code into the Pine Editor.

6. Save the script with a suitable name.

7. Add the script to your chart to see its effect.

8. Adjust the script’s display by scaling and positioning.

9. Congratulations, you’ve successfully added your own script to TradingView!

Download This Code --> PineScriptHelloWorld    

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