Recommended Tools

In this course I try to make it easier for you to pick tools by recommending which ones I use. However, you should never blindly trust anyone, anywhere period. Apart from being a sovereign, free thinking individual, I want to make it clear that my recommendations will not work for everyone. Each individuals threat model and requirements may be different. So I leave room for alternative resources.

Any recommendations I do give are subject to entropy. As in, these recommendations may be good today, but businesses and humans developing these tools can change and render them no longer safe in the future. That’s why I tend to choose Open Source tools, as these are harder to change without public dissent. So if you find yourself relying heavily on certain tools, be sure to follow them on social networks and stay up to date with what users are saying about them.

Finally, I am not being paid to endorse any of these tools. I use and like them and want to pass this knowledge on to others, so we can strengthen our sovereignty together and build a future of liberty and justice for all. If I do end up receiving compensation for any recommendations through affiliate links or paid partnerships, I will be sure to make a special note so you can make a clear decision.