Hey there, it’s Paul, and I’m thrilled that you’ve chosen to explore my free strategy optimizer tool!

On this page, you can take three simple steps:

  1. Access the Strategy Optimizer: Click the image below to access this powerful tool. It’s been used by thousands and has brought quick, real results. Plus, you’ll find some bonus preset strategies to get you started. All of this is yours for free, saving you both time and money.
  2. Join the Online Trading Workshop: In step two, you’ll find a free online trading workshop tailored to you based on your survey responses. You’ll discover the four ways to learn trading, even if you’re too busy or lack motivation. I’ll share my best tips and tricks, making trading simpler and more efficient. No more wasting money on gurus or indicators!
  3. Leave a Comment: In step three, I invite you to leave a comment. I’m here to help you become a better trader, and I’m curious to hear what’s holding you back and what you’re excited about achieving as a trader. (You need to login to leave a comment, this keeps out spam, but if you don’t want to login you can always join our free facebook group)

I’m looking forward to connecting with you and helping you reach your trading goals. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Step 1 – Access the Workbook

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The book cover for "Strategy Optimizer: Mastering Trading Strategies." The cover features a dynamic design with a background of financial charts and candlestick patterns. In the foreground, the book's title is displayed boldly. The subtitle "Mastering Trading Strategies" is positioned below. The overall visual suggests a comprehensive guide to refining and perfecting trading strategies for optimal performance in financial markets.

Step 2 – Attend Free Workshop

Join Paul where he’ll be at his keyboard showing you some of his best tips and tricks

In This Free Workshop with Paul, You’ll Learn:

  • ​The 4 secret ways to learn trading and why you actually need to know what they are and which is best for you to be successful.
  • ​The simple tricks that get people with no trading background, no coding background, no mathematical background, and procrastinate too much to actually make money trading.
  • ​The 5 steps to learning new strategies in minutes instead of months.
  • ​How to actually learn automated trading in a matter of days instead of the years most people think it takes.
  • ​A sneak peak into the newest version of Profit in Pine Script.

Step 3 – Share your story

What’s your background? What are your goals? How can I help?

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