5 Use A VPN

Virtual Private Networks encrypt your network traffic and keep your online activity hidden from hackers, advertisers, governments and internet service providers. Get one if you want to use the internet securely and even avoid location based sanctions!


  • What is a VPN?
  • What is my IP address?
  • VPN solutions
  • VPN check: Do I leak?
  • Summary

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Additional Info

Be careful using free VPN services. Or any service that is free in general. Typically, a service is only free for one of two reasons.

1) The service provider hopes that you will upgrade to the premium service. This is called a freemium business model and is used by ProtonVPN and many other services. It’s usually ok, but always check to make sure your privacy is being respected.

2) You are the product. If a service is always free and doesn’t try to sell you upgrades, then you have to ask how this service is making money? Typically, it’s making money off of you! By harvesting your data and selling it. Definitely don’t let your VPN provider fall into this category!

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