15 Storing Your Seed Phrase

Storage of your seed phrase is a very important step that you should take the time to do properly.

In this video I highlight a couple different ways to do this correctly and what not to do.

Be sure to check out the additional resources for a greater understanding of your seed phrase.


  • Storing your seed phrase securely.

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Additional Info

Do’s and Don’ts of seed phrase security.


  • Write it down physically.
  • Make backups/copies.
  • Verify you wrote it down correctly by restoring your device with the seed phrase.
  • Store the back ups in separate trusted locations.
  • Obscure the seed phrase so if someone finds it, they won’t know what it is. (ie Write it in a book on separate pages, DON’T forget the order)


  • Store it on your computer.
  • Share it with anyone! Especially, “customer support”
  • Take a picture of it.
  • Lose it. This can happen through forget fullness or intentional obscurity.
  • Complicate it. Understand your threat model and don’t overcomplicate things if you are not really at risk. The main thing is to keep it off your computer so hackers can’t get access to it.
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