11 Shasum And PGP Pt1

In this video you will learn how to safely download software from the internet. This is a very important step that many choose to skip because it requires a bit of technical knowledge. Don’t skip this video.

It is extremely important that we learn how to verify the integrity of software downloaded from the internet. If not, we could find ourselves using a malicious program after it’s too late.

We should only need to perform this task when we are downloading and using crypto currency wallets.

This is a two part video, in part one of this video, we download GPG suite a verification tool and then in part 2, we will verify the integrity of this software using a Secure Hash Algorithm.


  • How do we know the software is safe to use?
  • GPG software
  • Downloading GPG suite
  • Using a Secure Hash Algorithm to verify the integrity

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Additional Info

Be sure to open up and run GPG. Set up account etc. before applying the next steps in order to use GPG.

GPG and PGP are often interchangeable words for encryption. PGP means Pretty Good Encryption. GnuPG (GPG) is a complete and free implementation of the PGP algorithm.

Don’t skip this step. I know it is technical, but it’s worth the headache. You must verify the integrity of your software!

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